How To make money with Amazon using online coupons, you will need to know how to get them and what kind of offers are available. You also need to know where to find the offers and how to get them at no cost. In addition, there are some special considerations you should take into account when shopping at Amazon.

The process might seem intimidating at first but once you get it down, you can make some serious cash with this strategy. Let’s look at the steps you need to take in order to start making money on Amazon by using online coupons and how they work!


How To Make Money With Amazon

Step 1: Register at Online Coupon Stores

Online coupon stores can be found everywhere, which makes it easy for you to browse deals and free amazon coupon codes. These are both helpful when you’re looking for ways how to make money with amazon. Just sign up at one of these sites and follow their instructions on how to proceed. You’ll get notified when an offer gets posted, as well as tips on how you can use that free amazon coupon code at checkout or shopping cart.

Most sites even include a place where you can publish your own code if you find a deal yourself! The prices usually change, so visit often. Free stuff is awesome, right? That’s why I personally love online coupon sites like Promodady. They allow me to spend less while still buying more things than I normally would. If you want to know how to make money with amazon then give them a try today! You won’t regret it. In fact, you might even thank me later for sharing such valuable information with you!

Step 2: Get free credit from Amazon store cards

Another great way how to make money with Amazon is by getting a free credit card from online shops like Amazon. They have some amazing offers going on all year round that allow you to earn cashback in different ways just by spending $25 at first and then $25 every three months afterward.

It may not seem like much but it adds up quickly and will save you hundreds of dollars in just one year alone! This step takes some time though because they do background checks before issuing cards but once approved they should arrive within two weeks via USPS mail.

Step 3: Choose a niche for your Amazon business

Before you start making money on Amazon, you need to choose a niche. What kinds of products will you sell? I’ve heard there are thousands of ways to make money selling things on Amazon, but I think there are three basic business models:

Private Label

You sell your own branded products and keep all profits. This is similar to starting a traditional eCommerce store or dropshipping.

Retail Arbitrage

You find retail items at local stores or thrift shops and resell them on Amazon for profit.

Online Arbitrage

You find lower prices online and buy items from those websites in bulk. You then resell those items on Amazon.


Whichever model you choose, it’s important that you’re able to source inventory that sells quickly. There’s no point in spending hours sourcing a product if it takes months to sell.

If you’re just getting started, try retail arbitrage first since it requires less upfront investment than private labeling. Decide what type of account to open Once you’ve chosen a niche and have some products picked out, it’s time to open an Amazon seller account. As mentioned above, you can either create a professional seller account or an individual one.

The main difference between these two accounts is that individual accounts can only be used by one person while professional accounts can be used by multiple people within one company. Here are a few other differences between these two types of accounts: A professional seller account costs $39.99 per month (you can save $10/month when you pay annually) Individual sellers pay $0.99 per item sold A professional seller account allows you to list more than 40 items per month (individual sellers cannot exceed 40 listings) Professional accounts also allow for discounted shipping rates Professional Seller Accounts vs Individual Seller Accounts So which should you choose?

Step 4: Decide if you want to Self-host or Not

When you publish an e-book on Kindle, it’s automatically in KDP Select. If you want to sell your book in other stores (or if you simply don’t want your e-book to be exclusive to Amazon), you can opt-out of KDP Select and distribute it yourself.

You have two options here: self-publish on sites like Smashwords or Draft2Digital, or distribute via IngramSpark. For now, let’s assume that you want your e-book distributed exclusively through Kindle and KDP. Once it’s published, however, one option is still open: rather than accept a 70% royalty for books sold in America, authors can choose a 35% royalty for sale outside of America instead.

This means that international readers can get your book cheaper, but it also means you’ll earn less per copy sold. It’s up to you whether or not you want to offer international readers a discount. Step 4: Write Your Book! This is where all those hours spent planning will pay off the actual writing process should go much more smoothly if you know exactly what your final product will look like before getting started.

Start by answering these questions: What are my goals? What am I trying to accomplish? Who is my target audience? How long should my finished product be? How many chapters do I need? Does each chapter need its own outline/template, or can I just use one template for everything? How many words do I need per chapter/per section/per template?

Step 5: Get Quality products from a Supplier

There are many ways of getting products from a supplier. Whether you decide to buy used or new, it’s important that you find quality products at reasonable prices. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind when buying merchandise: never get involved in counterfeit goods.

By purchasing counterfeits, you’re supporting criminals and could be breaking international trade laws and regulations. If you’re not sure how to tell if an item is fake, take a look at our guide on how to spot fake designer items. You can also use websites like Alibaba to connect with suppliers directly and purchase wholesale. Here are some other tips for finding good-quality products.

The most important tip for finding high-quality products is to do your research before you start shopping. Once you’ve found a product that interests you, try searching for reviews of it online this will give you an idea of how well it’s made and whether other people have had any problems with it.

You can also search social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for reviews—sometimes people will even post pictures of their purchases! Another option is to search YouTube videos about your product (if applicable). This will give you a sense of how easy or difficult it is to use, as well as how much effort goes into maintaining the product.

Step 6: Start your Shopify store or Amazon Seller Account

In order to have a fully functioning online store, you need a place to sell your products. Shopify is one of many platforms that allows you to set up an eCommerce site quickly and easily. After signing up for a free 14-day trial account, it takes just minutes for you to choose a template that best suits your business needs and create products or services.

You can now begin searching for people interested in purchasing from your Shopify store or amazon seller account. The rest of setting up your store will depend on which platform you are selling through. For example, if you are selling on Amazon, then all products sold must be accompanied by their barcode so that customers can purchase them directly through Amazon.

Step 7: Run Facebook Ads and Newsletters

To generate sales for my affiliate products and make some extra income, I run Facebook Ads and email newsletters. You can do similar things in your niche. You should have already written all of your content before you start, so now it’s time to create ads for everything.

This takes a lot of research time, so you might want to delegate this task out if you are short on time or are not good at research. You will need to gather data about your target audience, demographics, and interests from Facebook itself or from another source like google keyword planner.

Then you will need to write compelling ad copy that targets those specific interest groups. Once you’ve got all of your ads created, you’ll need to set up an autoresponder service. There are many different services available but Aweber is one of the most popular ones.

Once you’ve set up an account there, just connect it to your Facebook Business Manager account and then link it up with Mailchimp (or whatever autoresponder service you’re going to use). Once that’s done, schedule your emails to go out on whatever days and times work best for them (I usually send mine every Tuesday). Make sure that when someone clicks through one of these links they land directly on a page where they can immediately buy something without having to sign up first!

Step 8: Order New Products and Restock your Shopify Store or Amazon Seller Account

Order new products and restock your Shopify store or amazon seller account from top suppliers. Now it’s time to order new products. Refer back to Steps 4, 5, and 6 if you need more product ideas. Contact your suppliers from Step 3 and place an order for 100-200 units of each product which should give you enough inventory for a month or so depending on how much sales volume you are going to get at first.

If your customers can’t find your product in stock, they will move on and purchase from someone else. So try to always keep some level of inventory that is equal to about 2 weeks’ worth of sales. This means that when you start selling 20 items per day, then buy about 40 items total for both your Shopify store and Amazon Seller Account.

When those 40 items sell out over 2 weeks, then reorder another batch of 40 products again from Step 7. You’ll have a constant stream of fresh products coming into your Shopify store or Amazon Seller Account every 2 weeks! Keep doing this until you have built up enough cash flow where you don’t have to worry about running out of inventory anymore!

Step 9: Profit!

To be honest, if you’re going to make a significant amount of money from selling items on Amazon, you have to have a pretty good understanding of what you’re doing. It doesn’t hurt to sign up for some free training and see if it’s something that interests you.

But above all else, just start searching around for how can I save money on XYZ? You don’t need any special tools or services just search for your products and see what pops up. Most people sell other people’s stuff on Amazon already it’s not hard to buy at an offline store, then list your findings online.

Plus, unlike eBay, there are no fees when you use FBA. Just check out Fulfillment By Amazon: How to Sell Your Products Online Using Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) , which will walk you through how everything works and even help point out strategies for success in making money on Amazon!


When it comes to how to make money on Amazon, there are two ways in which you can start earning from home. First of all, you can use online coupon codes and earn cashback on your shopping. Secondly, if you want something more active like we do at I Love Coupons then try our steps above.

You won’t regret making money while doing what you love! Happy saving everyone! You’ll need a balance of both methods to get ahead. Use one method as a starting point and then branch out into another one once you’re comfortable with it. Or just stick with one method forever (that’s fine too). The main thing is that you should have fun with whatever methods you choose! Good luck and happy saving 🙂

How to Make Money on Amazon With Online Coupons: There are tons of websites out there that will give people a certain percentage off their purchase when they go through them first. That is why it is important for you to learn how to make money on amazon using online coupons before going shopping.

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