Microsoft (4)

Microsoft is an American multinational company and the headquarters is in Washington. It cultivates and wholesales computer software, electronics item, personal computers, and all other services. It has a line of Windows. The suite, Internet, and Edge web browsers best known for their items in the market. Bill Gates and Paul Allen are the owners and they started in 1975. It is involved in a number of acquisitions and mergers. The best-known acquisition is LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in 2016. Skype Technologies is next of $8.5 billion in 2011. It has a big range of other consumer and enterprise software-related items, for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, many gadgets, servers, Bing internet search, MSN, Azure, Visual Studio. Microsoft is termed the most publicly-traded company in the world. It is the third-highest global brand in terms of valuation. Post-Covid pandemic is the most valued brand entity ie. $2 trillion. A majority of clients and organizations are working remotely so their sales and profits are at peak. Although Promodady provides you best deals and discounts offered by thousands of websites around the internet. So These Deals & Discounts have some Terms and Conditions, Time Duration and availability of products and company may change deals according to their Policy. However, You can apply the offer code on checkout whether it works fine or you may visit the website Microsoft For More Details.

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