Avenue (27)

The Avenue Store based in the USA was specially made for women who like Large Size Clothing owned by Versa Capital Management. The Avenue Store was introduced in 1983 with only one branch in the USA. With the passing of time store shows of growth in sales around the year 2005, and onwards so till 2019 there were 222 outlets of this store including 33 states. The Avenue Store has three main categories which are,

  1. Clothing
  2. Footwear
  3. Jewelry
In 2006 The approximate revenue of this store was 399 Million with an Approximately Operating Income of 13 Million. And the Net Income of the brand was 10.5 Million Approximately. Promodady provides you best deals and discounts offered by thousands of websites around the internet. So These Deals & Discounts have some Terms and Conditions, Time Duration and availability of products and company may change deals according to their Policy. You can apply the offer code on checkout whether it works fine or you may visit the website Avenue Store For More Details.

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